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Training with Red Moose K9
Red Moose K9 understands that dog training requires a large time commitment and due to work, family, and other commitments it may be hard to find the time. We offer you the best possible solution with in kennel training. In Kennel Training offers both owners and their dogs the lowest stressful learning option with the quickest results. Dogs are worked daily using our results guaranteed methods. Training lasts approximately 3-4 weeks depending on training program and includes with 2 lessons with owner and dog.

 Success of all training programs are directly related to the handler's commitment to completing all lessons and following handling instruction received. Dog obedience is a perishable skill and needs to be practiced regularly to stay sharp.  

All programs require a 50% deposit at time of drop off with the balance due at time of pick up. 

The Basics-
The Basics program will give your dog a good foundation of obedience work. Your dog will learn to heel, automatic sit, sit, sit & stay for 1 minute, down, down and stay for 3 minutes, and come when called without distractions.  All exercised are done on leash. This program will give you better control of your dog and lay the ground work for more advance training. 

$700 Training 
$650 Active Duty and Retired Military & Law Enforcement

Basic Plus-
Basics Plus is a training program designed to bring the most out of the family pet. This program includes all training from the The Basics, as well as a focus command, go to your place, leave it, exposure to agility equipment, and socialization. Your dog will become accustomed to working in different environments with a higher level of distractions. This is great for the shy dog, dogs who need more socialization, and dogs who accompanies their humans on adventures.  All exercises are done on leash. 

$900 Training 
$800 Active Duty and Retired Military & Law Enforcement

Puppy Package-
This deluxe puppy package is designed for puppies 7 weeks -4 months of age without previous training. This packaged is designed to get your pup off on the right paw to being a stable, socialized, well behaved member of your family. Puppies begin housebreaking and crate training, are socialized with a number of different animals, people, and environments. All the basics are started such as walking on a loose leash, sit, down, coming when called, and not jumping on people. This time in a puppies life is vital to how they will behave as adults. This is the time to create good work ethic where you have a dog who will love to learn for life! All puppies must have a clear fecal exam before entering training.

$500 for 2 weeks  
$600 for 3 weeks  

Custom Training Package- 
A package as unique as your dog! Want to learn a specific trick, need to fine tune a specific command, or have a special concern such as separation anxiety or noise sensitivity, we can help. Any training can be added training to any Basic Plus Package. Prices vary depending on the issue. Please contact us directly to discuss you training goals!

​Private Lessons-
Want a more hands on approached schedule a private lesson.  Private lessons are geared toward your dog, your concerns, and your goals!   

$60 Private Lesson at my training center
$250 Pack of 6 Prepaid Lesson at my training center
$100  and up for lessons at your home or location of choice.
Remember to bring your dogs favorite treats to your lesson!

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